Dark Recall

Concept Overview
In the year 2076 as mankind's resources dwindled, they began desperately reaching out to the stars in order to find a new home.

Rapid advances in star-drive technology opened the way to the settlement and colonisation of other planets.

Hundreds of worlds were identified as being able to support human life and, as the technology to do so became ever more common place, more and more ordinary people began heading out into the void to find another home for themselves amidst distant stars.

The Hyden star system, on the outer reaches of mankinds exploratory missions, boasted a single habitable world, rich in rare metals and other mineral wealth, but otherwise unremarkable.

The unofficial colony that sprang up was small, numbering only into the thousands, but over the decades they had managed to build up a modern association of settlements grouped around a single fusion reactor, known as the 'core'.

It seemed like the perfect place to start over, but colonisation of distant worlds is not without its' hazards...

The Game

Dark Recall is a hybrid Graphic / Text adventure game set against the backdrop of the Hyden colony, as a natural disaster leaves the colonists scrambling to get off world before it is too late!