Call of the Ninja!

Call of the Ninja is a strategy platform game with a touch of puzzle game thrown in!
Your task is to guide your troop of Ninjas to the Dojo using the available Ninja abilities to overcome obstacles along the way.

Playing the Game

Ninjas appear at the Ying/Yang symbol and begin walking.
As they approach obstacles, Click-Drag & Drop the green ninja ability discs from the power bar in the status area at the bottom of the screen.

As the ninjas reach the disc, they perform the ability you have chosen. Choose well and they will continue on the path to the Dojo.

The more ninjas that get to the Dojo and the shorter the time, the higher your score will be.
Collect Shurikens along the way! If you collect five of them, you can click them (located above the clock) and enter a slow motion
'Arrow Time', perfect for setting up those tricky maneuvers!

At any time you can 'left click' on a ninja to send them back to the start, or 'right click' to disqualify them in a puff of ninja smoke.

The first ten levels are designed to teach you how to use each of the Ninja abilities, on their own intially, then in increasingly complex combinations.

Thirty levels plus a level editor will challenge your Ninja skills to the limit!

Dare you answer the Call of the Ninja!